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Welcome to Chetana Olympiad

Chetana Olympiad is the best Schools in Davangere which offers spacious campus, exceptionally good facilities and constantly improving education methodologies. We make sure every student is getting individual response while learning for their growth in education.

Our school supports and cherishes young talent and assists them to develop their knowledge base, skill set for pursuing a successful career in various sectors.

Our School provides safe and secure environment with spacious classrooms and experienced teaching team who nurture kids into masters in their respective field.

We are the Top School in Davangere focusing on innovative teaching methods, inception of student concepts and learning through practical methods.


Why Choose Us

Chetana Junior Olympiad School supports as well as cherishes young talent and assists them to develop their knowledge base, skill set for pursuing a successful career in various sectors

Class rooms

Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities.


The library of a school acts as a store house of knowledge. Our school library contains newspaper, generals, story books and other subject reference books.


Rules made for school bus managed by the concerned authorities to ensure school bus safety for the students.

Schools in Davangere

Professional Teacher

Service of competent and qualified teaching faculty members forms the greatest strength of our institution. Teachers having significant experience in training are the aspirants for various competitive examinations appointed as faculty members.

Smart Education

Smart education system is a construct of the industrial age. Our traditional classrooms were based on one-way learning and designed to prepare students to work in a manufacturing-based economy.

Sports & Games

Sports is all forms of competitive physical activity which through casual or organised participation aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills.

Schools in Davangere


Schools in Davangere


Schools in Davangere


Schools in Davangere

School Buses

Contact us for Admission

+91 9900559105

School Events

Events provide a platform to our students to showcase their talents and energies both at the academic as well as creative fronts

Date : 12 July, 2019
Chetana Junior Olympiad School

Parents Feedback for Online Classes


1) Common curriculum for all the schools in order to maintain the quality of E-kids systems

2) Theme based classrooms to enhance emergent learning skills in the student

3) Common diet plans ads “Slice ‘o’ munch “once in a month to develop social togetherness in the students.

4) Religious celebrations to develop the spirit of unity and oneness

5) Gross motor activities every month to activate students physically

Schools in Davangere
Schools in Davangere
Schools in Davangere
Schools in Davangere
Music InstrumentS
Schools in Davangere

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